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Our Crew

From Dream to reality, long time locals, ocean lovers and dwellers, finally have their dream of sharing the beauty of our waters with the world.

Captain Montie Henderson

Key West resident Captain Montie Henderson is a licensed USCG Captain 100 Ton Master with Towing and Sailing endorsements. With many years an experience on the water guiding rivers, fishing and sailing Captain Montie is a wealth of knowledge on and off the water. We like to call him the "Macgyver" of the boating community. If he can't do it, it can't be done.

His love of the water lead him to purchase his and Sandee's sailboat home for almost 10 years and lived full time on the water. That's their 1979 30' Hunter Cherubini in the photos. Their love of the water will transcend to their charters to make for a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience for their guests.


2022 brought us back to being land-lubbers and the old girl was sold in 2023. A sad day for sure however she was part of their story and how they got here.

Licensed and Certification verification can be viewed aboard Goal Tending II as well at the GTS Office and Goal Tending Outfitters Retail Store.

Owner and 1st Mate Sandee Henderson (aka Gypsea)


Key West resident Sandee Henderson (he finally made her an honest woman on 2-2-23) also know as Gypsea to many, has had a love of the ocean since she was a little girl. Growing up on the south shore of Long Island as well as on a lake in upstate New York, many hours have been spent on and near the water. 

Her passion for the environment and the preservation of our oceans and sea creatures makes this opportunity to start Goal Tending Services and absolute dream come true. The ability for them to offer specialty charters for adaptive clients as well as veterans and active military members is going to be a unique experience in Key West. Sandee is very excited about offering these services in order to give people who would normally not be able to enjoy our teal blue oceans, a chance to do so.

Bringing her passion to their guests is most definitely going to ensure a one of kind, once in a lifetime experience on their charters. 

She had a crazy idea this year, and in true style her vision brought the brand new GOAL TENDING OUTFIITERS Retail Space upstairs at the Hurricane Hole. You definitely need to stop by and see what she created.


1st Doggie Amelia "Earhart" aka Emmy 

Amelia the sweetest little Boston Terrier may most times be found tending to our guests on GTII. She came aboard on January 11, 2020 and was 4 months old. She's quite the little girl.

Amelia "Ear"hart has had offers to live all over the world after having spent the day with her guests. She is eager to please everyone and lead them down the dock to the boat. She loves the water and the sandbars and can spend hours making you laugh. If nothing else you need to take a charter just to hang with her.

Captain Montie Henderson
1st Mate, Owner and Manager Sandee Shaw aka Gypsea
Goal Tending I Sailboat where it all started
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