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Goal Tending .. The Story

We often get asked what "Goal Tending" stands for. Well since we are not sports fans there must be something else. Well here it is...


Fast forward to 2018 when we decided to start our own business. We tried to come up with a name and we kept coming back to "Goal Tending Services" again tending to goals. Not always our own but those wanting to get out on the water, sightsee, visit a sandbar... so we thought "Hey, What's YOUR GOAL"... So here we are all those years later where we can add, What's YOUR GOAL at Goal Tending Outfitters where you can find everything for day out on the water.




The sailboat you see here was our home for 11 years. When we purchased this vessel it came with the name Goal Tending. We tossed around the idea of changing it. When Captain Montie mentioned it to his Mom she said, "Why would you change it, you've been tending to your goals to live on a sailboat for years"? So the name stayed as it was. (see below)

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